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Director Arthur Almeda named as a member of Massachusetts Advisory Council





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Boston, April 5, 2022

Dear Mr. Almeda:

I am writing to invite you join an Advisory Council for my office on New Americans. Shortly after taking office, I launched a Community Engagement Division to better serve all people in the Commonwealth, particularly immigrants, refugees, and other communities of color. For the past seven years, the Division has worked as a bridge between my office, community groups and individuals in

neighborhoods across Massachusetts.

The Attorney General’s Advisory Council on New Americans builds upon our past successes and strengthens the connections between our office and the community partners we rely upon the most. I am excited by the work of the Council and ask for your help and participation.

As a leader in one of our diverse communities, I count on your work and expertise to

make sure that my office is serving the needs of community members. The Attorney General’s Advisory Council on New Americans forms a constant dialogue on how my office

can work most effectively as a partner for communities of color.

As you know, issues concerning immigration, racial justice and equity are at the core of the work that we must do to build a Commonwealth that works for all of our residents. I also know that there is so

much more that needs to be done to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the

community, and it is part of my office’s mission to make sure these communities are protected and served by the “People’s Law Firm.”

The tasks of the Advisory Council on New Americans include:

  • Advising the Attorney General on issues affecting communities of color such

as workers’ rights, civil and consumer rights, housing and health care, and environmental justice;

  • Assisting the Community Engagement Division in coordinating the Office’s efforts to directly engage the immigrant and refugee communities and other communities of color;
  • Increasing communication, mutual understanding, and willingness to cooperate among community groups and organizations that serve multicultural communities; and
  • Increasing AGO staff and public understanding of the needs and contributions of communities of color in the Commonwealth.

I hope I can count on your support and participation as a member of my Advisory Council on new Americans. Please RSVP to Marcony Almeida-Barros, Director, Community Engagement Division, at, at your earliest convenience.

Thank you for all you do.

Very truly yours,

Maura Healey